abortion search warrant attestation

California AB 1242: Search Warrant Abortion Attestation

On September 27, 2022 the California State Governor passed AB 1242 into law, effective immediately. The California law impacts search warrants, pen register, trap & trace, and wire tap in all 50 states. Simply put, electronic service providers based in California are prohibited from complying with legal process if the investigation involves abortion.
Search warrants, regardless what State they are written in, must include an attestation that the evidence sought is not related to a prohibited violation regardless of what State they are issued from.

Search Warrant Compliance: A Deep Dive into CalECPA Mandates

California Electronic Communications Privacy Act: CalECPA Mandates.

The California Electronic Communications Privacy Act (CalECPA) is a comprehensive privacy law that protects citizens and guides law enforcement towards judicial oversight. Introduced in 2012, CalECPA covers communication, data stored within electronic devices, and a person’s location. It ensures that individuals are notified when their online records, such as social media accounts, are targeted by search warrants. CalECPA emphasizes search warrants as the preferred method for collecting digital evidence, with judicial review serving as a safeguard for citizens’ privacy.