What you need to know about Warrant Builder

Warrant Builder is an automated search warrant writing system that increases your officer's efficiency, reduces overtime and court costs, and increases public safety by making solid cases. It is a secure cloud-based system that operates on desktops, MDC's, tablets and phones. It's simple interface, combined with powerful technology, takes your officer step by step through the warrant process so they include everything they may need. Warrant Builder ensures they don't miss any of the requirements, extensions or other legal sticking points they may not even know exist. Warrants with simple probable cause statements, like a DUI blood draw, can be completed in a couple of minutes. A property crime warrant on a residence may take a little longer, but only due to the complexity of probable cause statement that must be authored.
In today's climate, the need for search warrants have become ever increasing. State laws are changing, local DA's offices are requiring more in order to file a case and some jurisdictions are so politically charged that agencies are choosing to use a search warrant in situations where one isn't technically required (such as the vehicle exception). It also inserts Judicial review into the investigation before liability prone actions are taken. All of this means that search warrants are becoming a regular part of day to day law enforcement.  

Currently, there are over 780 different social media platforms, online services, service providers, financial institutions and telecommunications maintained by Warrant Builder. Does your Officer or Detective know what information is available from each service? Do they know the right terms and language to be used? Warrant Builder does, and maintains this data for each supported company and service including its current address, potential evidence available, and method of warrant service. This is a constantly changing and evolving environment and Warrant Builder monitors it all. In addition to the Warrant Builder staff, it's robust network of users helps keep everything current. Once a change is identified, Warrant Builder researches the details and integrates it into the software, usually within minutes.

Save time & money

Time is money, and the time spent writing search warrants eats away at productive hours and overtime budgets. In 2020 a total of 8,351 search warrants were signed in Alameda County. The cost to prepare these 8,351 search warrants is estimated at about $261,386 at 60 minutes each of straight time on an average California Peace Officer salary.
Warrant Builder reduces warrant preparation by nearly 84% which could have saved Alameda Law Enforcement Agencies an estimated $222,137 per year!

Incredibly Affordable

Warrant Builder is a minimal impact on your budget. The annual cost per user is only $250 with full-agency accounts eligible for a 10% discount. If Warrant Builder saves just two hours of overtime in a year, the account pays for itself. Give your personnel the tools they need to be successful with a Warrant Builder license.

More bang for the buck

I pay a detective 10 hours per shift to write search warrants, why should I pay more to give them this tool?
We understand this question completely; the investigators slot is already covered in the budget and doesn't cost you an extra dime if it takes them 2 hours to write a search warrant. One of the many responsibilities of a law enforcement administrator is to be a good steward of the citizens money. By providing Warrant Builder licenses, you help your personnel to quickly collect they evidence they need in their case.  The reduction of time spent preparing warrant documents means that your personnel are fighting crime and not fighting paperwork.

Designed for Detectives, Perfect for Patrol

Warrant Builder puts the expertise of a detective in the hands of patrol, empowering them to write search warrants in the field. Patrol can collect the records that detectives need to hit the ground running, acting as a force multiplier for investigative units.
Warrant Builder, and its built-in training, gives patrol officers the tools and skills they need to write complete and effective search warrants. If you officer can write a crime report, they can write a search warrant with WarrantBuilder.com