why we built warrant builder

Law Enforcement is a constantly evolving field and Judicial review is becoming a part of almost every investigation.  If we want the best possible cases for the public that we serve, we are going to need warrants for everything from houses to social media platforms.  Though the times have changed, Officers are still writing search warrants the way they did using type writers...  

Built by Law Enforcement, Warrant Builder is the solution that makes search warrant writing simple.  Our web based solution gives any Officer the tool they need to write great warrants from their desk, patrol car, or even their mobile phone.  Our intuitive design makes writing warrants a snap, even for inexperienced Officers.  Learn more about how to make the best possible cases with Warrant Builder.

More than 400 agencies are currently trusting Warrant Builder. Sign up for your free 7 day trial today and see why.

Warrant Builder is the best solution for quick, efficient, and complete search warrants.
Built by Law Enforcement, Warrant Builder custom crafts each search warrant and adds all the required court orders even if you didn't know you needed them.  Warrant Builder has all the correct service information for each of the over 374 companies that we support and outlines all the possible information that you can get from each one.

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Warrant Builder distills the writing process down to the fewest possible questions, giving you more time to focus on your Statement of Probable Cause.


Work smarter, not harder.  Warrant Builder makes writing complicated warrants for multiple companies a snap!  You can even add helpful court orders with a click.


The newly released Justifier module automatically adds justification language for every evidence item you select for your warrant.

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