Google Geofence Tool

Who was at the crime scene?
Google may be able to answer this question by showing you the devices located within a set area on the map, known as a "geofence" warrant. This data is extremely valuable and may be the only lead in your investigation.
Geofence warrants have been traditionally complex and time consuming to create, but Warrant Builder makes advanced investigative techniques accessible. The Warrant Builder Geofence Tool builds the search area maps and guides you through the multi-phase warrant process.

A phased approach

Google Geofence search warrants require multiple phases of investigations to narrow in on the suspect. This process has many challenges including anonymized identifiers and mapping headaches.  Warrant Builder helps you make sense of it all and craft the phase specific warrant you need to be successful.

Phase 1

Create your initial search areas.

Phase 2

Expanded location data to show how specific devices entered or left your crime scene.

Phase 3

Unmask the relevant devices with basic subscriber information.

Phase 4

Collect additional account specific evidence from Google.

Search warrants are required to be specific, and Warrant Builder's Geofence tool maps your search area coordinates within 4" of accuracy. Testify with confidence that you have defined the search area as accurately as possible. This level of accuracy will help with Judges that don't want infringement on neighbors.